The Panther Group, a family story

The Panther Group was created in the year 2000 from the merger of companies that are part of Genlis Cosmetics, holder of the Cottage and Institut Arnaud brands. This medium-sized family enterprise implanted in the Gironde region near Bordeaux was born from the passion of two brothers – Antoine and Hervé Madrid – for the beauty sector.

With creativity and dynamism, they made a name for themselves in the midst of major multinational beauty and perfume groups Their brands are known as “Cottage” in the world of bath and shower products, “Institut Arnaud” in the face and body care area and “Christine Darvin” and “Pacoma Créateur Parfumeur” in perfumery.

Following high standards, they aim to bring consumers innovative products, irreproachable quality and an affordable price.

We care about your beauty!

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