Cottage, perfumed by nature

Cottage is a brand of the Panther Group, a medium-sized company implanted in the Gironde region.

It promises to let you enjoy the delights of nature while tending to your body, with a broad range of hygiene and personal care products.

Searching for a perfect balance between care and pleasure, Cottage offers a peerless sensorial experience through very high-quality formulas and incredibly creamy textures that are systematically enriched with natural extracts and moisturizing agents. And what about fragrance? Cottage offers delightfully scented treasures that are authentic and bold. They faithfully reproduce the flavors of nature for unequaled pleasure.

With an inimitable bottle that stands out from all the others, in 1,001 colors or limpidly transparent, Cottage invites you to discover the mildness of a nature that stimulates your senses, a timeless paradise for the entire family.

An ambitious quality approach

To bring you effective products while guaranteeing optimal harmlessness, Cottage is committed to an ambitious quality approach throughout the product elaboration cycle.

Fragrance selection is a key step. We work with the leading perfume designers in France and worldwide to propose new and original notes that are characteristic and long-lasting on skin.

Raw materials: Our Research and Development service selects active ingredients and natural extracts from among hundreds of potential sources to meet our effectiveness requirements. All our raw materials are thoroughly checked before being used in the manufacturing process.

Testing: Before releasing a new formula on the market, we verify its innocuity and effectiveness with tolerance tests carried out under dermatological supervision.

Production: Cottage products are manufactured in compliance with Best Manufacturing Practice standards and strictly checked throughout the production chain to guarantee irreproachable quality.

Packaging: Cottage is concerned about limiting the environmental impact of its products. Following an ecodesign study, the company has focused since 2010 on minimizing bottle weight as much as possible. Thus, we save up to 15% on plastic per bottle, and we are also developing large sizes.

In a similar manner, we encourage the use of recyclable materials (PP, PE), use 100% recyclable boxes and work with “green” printers that are Imprim’vert certified.


*Our packaging and products may include sorting instructions; to learn more, see: