Hypoallergenic Shower Cream

An Hypoallergenic Formula

With its high-tolerance formula, Cottage Hypoallergenic Shower Cream respects the most sensitive and reactive skins.  Its ingredients have been specifically selected to minimize the risk of allergy.

Kind to skin and nature

Neutral pH for the skin.
Tolerance tested under dermatological supervision on 100% sensitive skin.
100%  biodegradable formula.
100% recyclable bottle and cap

A 100% biodegradable and natural formula*

A maximum of softness with a minimum of ingredients, including 97% ingredients of natural origin*.

Cottage picked ultra-soft ingredients of natural origin to take care of your skin. The shower cream respects the natural balance of the skin and preserves the hydrolipidic skin film. It is enriched with rice powder, well-known for its softening properties.

Made in France

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux.  All our formulas, bottles and packs are produced and assembled in France.

*ISO 16128 standard

560 ml

Made in France