Extra Nourishing Oil shower – 97% ingredients of natural origin*


Designed for dry and sensitive skins, to rediscover the beauty secret from the south

Specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin, Extra Nourishing Oil shower contains 97% ingredients of natural origin* and is enriched with Almond Oil. A true treasure of traditional Mediterranean culture, the benefits of sweet almond oil for the skin have been recognised for thousands of years. With its extraordinary virtues,  this vegetable butter hydrates and nourishes dry skin by forming a protective film that  retains water and prevents the skin from  drying out.

*ISO 16128 standard

A fragrance

A delicate and enveloping fragrance evoking the softness of the down of the green almond that transports us to the sunny South of France.

Made in France

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux.  All our formulas, bottles and packs are produced and assembled in France.

Protects skin & nature

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.
100% recyclable bottle and cap


Made in France