Moisturizing Shower Milk 97% ingredients of natural origin*

A fragrance

A green fruity fragrance for an extremely realistic evocation of peaches and a spring stroll through a sunny orchard where you can enjoy the juicy flesh of this summer fruit.

Made in France

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux. All our formulas, bottles and packs are produced and assembled in France.

A natural ingredients formula*

Maximum softness with minimum ingredients. With 97% ingredients of natural origin* and easily biodegradable, Cottage has opted for an extra-gentle, less-is-more formula that is respectful of both your skin and nature for even more softness.

Kind to skin and nature

Neutral pH for the skin.
Tolerance tested under dermatological supervision.
Readily biodegradable formula.
100% recyclable bottle and cap.

*ISO 16128 standard

250 ml

Made in France