Moisturizing Shower Gel and Bath Milk 97% ingredients of natural origin*

Sweet Marshmallow

A fragrance

An addictive and comforting fragrance in which the softness  of the delicately musky marshmallow flower, combined with  indulgent vanilla, delightfully immerse us in the magic of  childhood, where indulgence goes hand in hand with affection  and comfort.

Created in France

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux.

A natural ingredients formula* in a family size

Cottage Shower Gel and Bath Milk  97% ingredients of natural origin* is specifically formulated to offer your skin all the advantages of a shower milk and a bath foam in a single product that comes in a 750 ml family size. More practical, more economical and more ecological !

Protects skin

Neutral pH for the skin.
Tolerance tested under dermatological supervision.
Readily biodegradable formula.
100% recyclable bottle and cap.

*ISO 16128 standard

750 ml

Made in France