Extra Nourishing Precious Oil shower – 98% ingredients of natural origin


A fragrance

A sensual, sun-kissed fragrance. A true promise of sensory escape to heavenly Polynesian beaches. Its enveloping, warm notes, like the effect of sunshine on the skin, will whisk you away to new horizons.

Protects skin

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.

Designed for dry and sensitive skins, to rediscover the beauty secret from the Pacific

Specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin, Extra Nourishing Precious Oil shower contains 98% ingredients of natural origin and is enriched with monoi. A legendary beauty secret in Polynesia, this sacred oil obtained from macerating tiare flowers in copra oil is naturally filled with nourishing fatty acids and vitamin E.
This shower oil cleanses even the most delicate skins without harshness and without leaving an oily film. Skin is clean, comfortable and moisturized.

560 ml

Made in France