Extra Nourishing Oil Shower – 97% ingredients of natural origin*


A fragrance

A deliciously fruity interpretation of the sparkle of coconut revealing its rind and pulp on a creamy vanilla base. A breath of exoticism and sensuality in a whirlwind of sweetness.

Made in France

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux.  All our formulas, bottles and packs are produced and assembled in France.

Protects skin & nature

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.
100% recyclable bottle and cap

Designed for dry and sensitive skins, to rediscover the beauty secret from the islands.

Specifically formulated for dry, sensitive skin, Extra Nourishing Oil Shower contains 97% ingredients of natural origin* and is enriched with coconut oil. On tropical islands, coconut oil has always been used to beautify the skin. Extracted from pressing fresh coconut flesh, coconut oil is renowned for its ultra-nourishing and hydrating properties, making the skin incredibly soft.

This shower oil cleanses even the most delicate skins without harshness and without leaving an oily film. Skin is clean, comfortable and moisturized.

*ISO 16128 standard


Made in France