Energizing After-Shower Lotion

Green Tea

A fragrance

A refreshing and sparkling note for a very natural presentation of green tea.
The delicious fragrances coming from tea fields awaken your senses and take you to the Far East.

Protects skin

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision.

Two-in-one care for moisturizing and scenting

Cottage After-Shower Lotion is specially formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance after your shower or bath while giving skin the moisturizing care it needs. Soft as a caress, this milky mist combines the mildness of fruit-enriched milk with the lightness of a spray enriched with essential oil. It absorbs rapidly and leaves skin moisturized, soft and wonderfully fragrant.

Clinical test of effectiveness: +67% moisturizing* 1 hour after application, +100%** softer skin after 21 days of use.

* Test carried out on 11 women after 1 application.

** Test carried out on 21 women using 1 application daily for 21 days.

200 ml

Made in France